Stay student focused – we cover the rest.

When you first envisioned your charter school, you focused on the students and how you could make positive changes in their education. Paperwork and business services were likely the last things on your mind.

However, not paying sufficient attention to these details can lead to big problems and quickly erode your relationship with your authorizer. Authorizers take their oversight role very seriously, and your compliance requirements continue to increase. You can no longer afford to learn the administrative details as you go and the importance of a rock-solid business services partner is more important than ever.

Fiscal Services



All accounting and bookkeeping functions using enterprise-class SACS-based school accounting software with monthly reporting to Board of year-to-date budget vs. actual, trends, and projections.


Oversight and advisory role during initial and ongoing budgeting process, assisting staff and Board with recommendations where requested, submitting all current budgets as well as petition budgets for charter petition and/or expansion.

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Timely processing of all invoices, 24/7 online access to copies of all invoices, maintenance of solid vendor relationships, establishment of credit as an independent school, and coordinating with county and authorizer staff to ensure timely and accurate apportionment transfers.

Payroll & HR Support


STRS/PERS Retirement Reporting

All payroll functions performed in-house including tax & benefit deductions/contributions, with integrated STRS/PERS reporting across all counties. Also coordinating new hire paperwork, DOJ account set-up, and annual employment agreement creation, and processing of leave & termination documents.

Benefits Support

Researching and recommending healthcare and retirement benefit plans (matching or exceeding existing plan benefits), supporting your school’s participation in all health and supplemental retirement plans, including 401(a), 403(b), 457, HSA, Section 125 and related programs.

Purchasing & Procurement



Coordinating purchasing of all materials, developing efficient purchasing process with school staff using web-based purchasing program.  Working closely with large vendors to meet high volume purchasing. 


Cal-Card Setup

Integrated interest-free credit card account for authorized staff purchases.

Asset Inventory Management

Compiling and maintaining complete fixed asset register.

Compliance & Reporting


Federal, State, CALPADS and ADA Reporting

Assisting with Consolidated Application (CARS), PCSGP, Facility Grant, Special Education, ESSA (Title I-IV), and other categorical reporting. All required 20-day, P-1, P-2, CALPADS and Annual Reports (from attendance data provided by school).



Assistance with calculations, projections, and annual expenditure tracking.

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